Thursday, March 26


I no longer have my Windows Mobile Phone, where I had become used to seeing meeting reminders on the go.

So, I wrote a little Outlook Addin which will send you a text message whenever a reminder is fired.

So Outlook must be running. (It really sends an email, but you can set this to your txt message address, ie for Verizon it is

Check it out at


Justin said...

Have you abandoned work on this project, or has it been working well for you? I tried installing it off-line (no internet access), and I can't get past the attempt to download Visual Studio Tools for the Office system 3.0 Runtime Service Pack 1. I downloaded it manually from the URL in the details of the error, but it still errors out. Any ideas?

Justin said...

Update: After rebooting, I tried the setup again but it still failed. Then I noticed the vsto had an icon, so I double clicked it and it installed. I ran Outlook 2007 (Exchange enviro) and the window came up where it has entries for email and subject. I entered the email I want the reminders forwarded to ( an in-house alpha pager) and clicked apply. I left the subject [RemindMe] as the default, not sure what the purpose of this was. When my reminder window popped up, nothing happened. How does the app work? I would really like to get this running, since I am away from my desk a lot and miss appointments. Thank you.

dHatt said...

I don't actually use this anymore, now that Exchange Server 2010 has this feature built in. If you have Exchange 2010 you can set it up via OWA.

The subject field will be appended to the subject of the meeting went the email is sent.

If you're a programmer, all the source code is available on the Codeplex site.
I have moved on to Office 2010, so no longer have an Office 2007 environment to debug with.

It works by attaching the addin to the Reminder event. This event should fire when Outlook pops up the reminder message box, and the event handler will create a new email message and send it out.

I would try it with a normal email address first to see if it works, and then switch to using your pager's address.